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  • To Hadley's point, "Taking the car metaphor further the case design hasn't changed much either since the blue and white G3." Why mess with a good thing? Just for the sake of making it look different? I personally think the new G4s are sleek looking in pictures but they are extremely cheap looking in person. The air vents on the front look cool in the ads but in person it looks like cheap plastic. Apple shuld listen to themselves in their new powerbook ads, "Less is more."
    contrloptionme had this to say on Jan 29, 2003 Posts: 6
    The New PowerMacs: Cheaper, but Not Better
  • My vote is for Apple to produce a car. Hey if Swatch can team up with Mercedes with the Smartcar why can't Apple team up with say, BMW? They could call it the iBeem.
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    After the Mac: Keeping Apple Innovative
  • I wouldn't buy it but my brother who snowboards would. Besides, haven't we as Apple users grown more accustomed to spending more than everyone else anyways? Why would we expect anything less in Apple apparel? This is a snowboarding jacket, not a winter leisure coat. From what I understand, this jacket with the new softswitch fabric technology is a reasonable price.
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    Is the Burton iPod Jacket worth it?
  • That's a great idea Steve M. I have an old beige G3 266 with a firewire port put in. It's just gathering dust I might as well use it. I can hook that up straight into my stereo and run my iPod through it too. Does the remote work well with iTunes?
  • Sign me up! I want one now! Especially if my iPod can connect with it. Kind of like those old skool box radios that had a detachable walkman. Remember those?
  • The greatest and most common answer that we can now say as OSX users, is "Why? because we now can." "It may seem absurd to open all these apps at once" but you know what? You can if you want to. Sometimes it takes me having to work in OS9 at work to remember why I have it so good at home.