The Great Tiger Giveaway

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Apple Matters Unveils New Design; Inks Deal With BackBeat Media

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Q2 2005: A Closer Look at the Numbers

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The $25,000 OS X Virus Challenge: Anatomy of a PR Nightmare

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Macintosh Security: No Need for Perfection

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DVD Jon Versus The Tyranny of the iTunes Music Store

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What Does Internet Explorer 7 Mean For Apple?

First a bit of background: Microsoft repeatedly and vehemently maintained that there would be no new version of IE until Longhorn shipped. Most folks took …(read more)

One Dollar Is Why We Love Apple

It was revealed yesterday that one dollar was the amount Steve Jobs was paid last year by Apple. One buck. Barely enough to get a …(read more)

Apple Buyout of TiVo Seems Unlikely

Shares of TiVo surged Wednesday and Thursday on speculation that Apple was going to buy the company, but comments by Apple executives that “we strongly …(read more)

Macworld SF 2005 Live Coverage

Once again Apple Matters will attempt live coverage of Macworld SF 2005. If everything works out and you enjoy the coverage please donate to the …(read more)

Get Well Soon, Steve

Given the title of the previous article concerning Macworld Boston, we at Apple Matters would hate to think that we don’t wish Steve all the …(read more)

Apple[i]Matters[/i] Is 1 Year Old!

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