Is Writely the End of Word?

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Folksonomy on the Macintosh:, Flickr and

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I’m the DJ – Numark’s iDJ Mixer

The iPod now has a nightlife.  Numark announced the first mixing console made for the iPod, the Numark iDJ Mixer in July 2005. The piece …(read more)

Securing Your Mac

In light of the recent so-called ‘virus outbreak’, as some people are calling it, I’m going to try and lower a few heart beats by …(read more)

RIP: 15-inch PowerBook G4

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iWeb Review

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Review: Echo One software

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Part 2: Dealing with Parental Controls

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Camino 1.0: The Scoop on Mozilla’s New Open Source Browser

Earlier this week, the Mozilla foundation announced the 1.0 release of their open source Mac OS X browser Camino. Camino is the only native Mac …(read more)

Part 1: Dealing with Parental Controls

Authors note: This is the first in a two-part series on parental controls. Unfortunately the Internet isn’t a safe place for Children, especially if they …(read more)