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  • May 04, 2007
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  • I've an odd problem. Many of my files which were transferred over from system 9 don't seem to be cataloged correctly (or at all). (Maybe because I waited so long to update to system X?) So what's the problem? Well, the odd way that it manifests is that when I do a "search/ find file" Sherlock, whatever in OSX.4.9, it doesn't find the majority of older files from my system 9 days, files like rtf files, word files, fonts, simple text files, etc. that DO exist on my hard drive. When I first noticed this problem and called Apple under an "Apple Care" ticket, they suggested verifying and correcting my permissions, but with time I've come to realize that, at best, this helped; improved the situation with some files, but it didn't change anything with the majority of files which still have to be found "by hand". Any suggestions? [email protected]
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    I can't find my Sherlock with my Sherlock