Top 10 Apple[i]Matter’s[/i] New Years Resolutions every Apple lover should commit to.

by Gregory Ng Dec 31, 2002

The New Year brings us to the time of year where you are forced to take stock of your life and evaluate your priorities. This is also the time of year for resolutions. Many people use resolution time to go on diets, to quit smoking, or to be nicer to people. We at AppleMatters feel you shouldn’t waste time on resolutions you won’t stick to. So here are 10 New Years Resolutions every Apple lover should commit to. After all, being an Apple lover is a lifelong commitment; 365 days shouldn’t be a problem.  10. I will not launch ‘Classic” mode once this year. 9. I will never mutter the words, “Dude, you’re getting a Dell”, regardless of sobriety.  8. I will add the “i” prefix to common words as much as possible. Example: “Honey, I am taking the iDog out for a walk”, or “Will you please pass the iSalt and iPepper?” or “iLove You.” 7. I will go to the local Gateway Country store once a week, walk up to the line of shoppers, yell “Suckers!” and run out.  6. I will name my iPod and only refer to it by that name.  5. Whenever I see an Apple product in a movie or TV Show, I will stand up and scream at the top of my lungs, “I love you Suzie!” (Because Suzanne Forlenza and I are on a first-name basis these days) 4. I will say Jag-yew-ah instead of Jag-war. 3. I will call everything cool, “The Genie Effect”. Example: “That move Tony Hawk pulled off was the Genie Effect!” 2. Whenever a PC user complains about their computer, I will only respond with, “double u, double u, double u dot apple dot com slash switch.” 1. I will spend at least 10 minutes every day just staring at my beautiful machine.


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